The New HVN has been a critical part of our neighborhood for nearly 90 years. It grows jobs and drives the local economy in New Haven, East Haven, and beyond. On Wednesday, August 18 members of the New Haven City Planning Commission will meet to consider elements of this plan. Specifically, they will consider whether to approve permits that make parts of the plan possible.
Please use the form below to send an email to members of the City Planning Commission encouraging them to approve these permits so that we can build a New HVN, allowing carriers to offer non-stop service to more destinations and the building of a modern environmentally-friendly terminal.
Subject: Support the Expansion at HVN

Dear Member of the New Haven City Planning Commission,

I am writing to encourage you to authorize the expansion at HVN which is core to its strategic plan to build a modern and sustainable regional airport that will help our region.

The expansion at HVN will create 1000 jobs, about $50 million in state and local taxes which can be invested in our community, and will support union jobs through $70 million in local construction work. At the same time this expansion will allow New Haven to end it’s million dollar taxpayer funded subsidy of the airport.

As importantly, your vote to authorize these changes will create a once in a generation opportunity to reduce HVN’s carbon footprint and position the airport as one of the most sustainable regional airports in the world. In addition to using the latest construction technology to meet LEED construction standards for energy conservation at the old and new terminals HVN will undertake an environmental assessment process to outline environmental impacts of the expansion and how to mitigate them.

Thank you for your service to our community. Please vote to allow the expansion of HVN.