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What is an Environmental Assessment and why is it happening?

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"What is an Environmental Assessment and why is it happening?"

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NewHVN Administration

    • Avports has completed its draft Environmental Assessment, marking a major milestone in ongoing work to build a New HVN – one that can fully serve the needs of Southern Connecticut and its economy.
    • An Environmental Assessment is the gold-standard requirement of the FAA for projects such as this. It is used to evaluate environmental impacts from noise, to air and water quality, as well as the effect on wildlife. This EA process began on November 18, 2021 and included extensive research and information from a variety of sources: scientific studies, community input, and collaboration with numerous local, state, and federal agencies including Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and the US Army Corps of Engineers.
    • The EA is in furtherance and alignment of Master Plan document completed in 2021, itself a lengthy and formal process which included X public meetings and significant community input.