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What does the Environmental Assessment say?

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"What does the Environmental Assessment say?"

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NewHVN Administration

  • First, it’s important to remember this is a draft document which the FAA will formally review following the public comment process, and only after that will they make a final decision.
  • What the draft EA makes clear, however, is that this project (runway expansion and terminal construction) could move forward with minimal environmental impact, which can be appropriately and responsibly mitigated. 
  • The EA also specifically depicts the following findings in these core areas:
    • NOISE: 
      • Relocating terminal shifts aircraft ground noise further from residences.
      • Airport would extend its ongoing Residential Sound Insulation Program to include homes that have not yet participated in the program and that are within the five-year forecast 65 DNL contour for the chosen Alternative.
      • The air quality analysis found that potential air emissions from the construction, forecasted operations, and changes in vehicle trips associated with expansion is not expected to exceed standards set by the EPA in accordance with the Clean Water Act. 
      • Greenhouse Gas emissions documented consistent with FAA guidance.
    • WETLANDS: 
      • New terminal is proposed within the footprint of closed runway and taxiway field
      • Expansion would include mitigation measures implemented to achieve the overall policy goal of “no net loss” wetland ecological functions and values
    • WILDLIFE: 
      • Following dozens of site visits, the impact to wildlife and plant life has been minimized below federal or local requirements/guidelines;
      • No critical habitats for state or federally designated threatened or endangered species exist on the project site.
    • TRAFFIC: 
      • Overall travel demand would be similar to “no action” alternative;
      • Expansion would not significantly impact the 11 key intersections studied